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Flower Of Sunlight Testimonials :

Grant Link, Phoenix

I am an NCAA Athlete. I go to Lake Superior State University and play Tennis on scholarship. Working out has been a passion of mine and necessary for Tennis for about the past 2 years. Since I first started, I have made significant improvements on my Personal Records (PR) as well as improving my overall physical fitness.My father introduced me to the stone and oil, since he has been using it just to improve his overall wellness and health. He informed me that people have seen increased results in the gym using the oil and stone. I told him that I would try it with my workouts and see if it has the same result. The first day I tried using just the oil, and I was doing an interval/cardio workout. The majority of the workout was 30 seconds of intense exercise then 30 seconds of rest with a rotation of 3 exercises and a total of 5 rotations. So the complete workout you do as many reps as possible within the 15 minutes. This was my first time doing an intense cardio workout in about a month (I was mostly lifting weights before this day). Usually my body would become very fatigued and I would be very out of breath by the end of the workout. When it came to the last rotation I found that my muscles were not near as fatigued as normal. I was also much more motivated and driven to get those few extra reps, and it wasn’t until afterwards that I realized it was because of the oil. I didn’t have much hard evidence to back my findings besides how I was feeling, so I decided that I would try the oil and the stone for my next workout.The next day involved heavy front squats with 5 sets of 2-4 reps (increasing in weight per set). This was a perfect opportunity to put hard evidence to back my findings from the day before. I knew my 2-rep max was 185 lb from doing the same lift about 3 weeks before. I started light and slowly built up. On my fourth set I put 195 lb on the bar (10 pounds HIGHER than my previous max) and I gutted out 4 reps, this increased my weight and amount of reps. That was nothing out of the ordinary as 10 pound jumps are fairly normal, but my next set I decided to knock it out of the park by going to 225 lb. I thought that there was no way that I could even get one. I ended up getting 2 complete reps and dropping the third. This ended up to be a 20% increase in weight in 3 weeks. On my dead-lift this summer, I have gone from 355 to 385. This is only a 10% increase and it has taken my 2 MONTHS to achieve.I still don’t know how the stone and the oil work, but I do know that this is solid proof that it does, in fact, work. This oil and stone, during high intensity workouts, has helped improve my strength, cardio capacity, and focus all at the same time. These results have occurred with no change in diet or lifestyle. All I did was throw on the oil and stone one day and recorded what my findings were. I will continue to use the oil when I workout and the stone while lift.​The only downfall to the stone necklace is that it can jumble around during exercises that require a lot of motion, but I will see if I could use an ace wrap and wrap it somewhere on the body. I think this would help a lot with increased skin contact with the stone since it will prevent it from bouncing around. Overall these are great products, whether you are using it for sports/exercise or just overall personal wellness, this can bring positive affects to all areas of your life. All you have to do is try it.


Julie, Carlsbad

“I was lucky enough to come across LifeSource in Carlsbad, CA. When I was first told about the product, i wasn’t sure what to believe and I was a little skeptical. However, once they showed me how it worked I was amazed. The first words out of my mouth was – “This is crazy”!!! I had more energy and was stronger when I used LifeSource products. I felt like I could go through out my day and not crash before 2pm. Now I use LifeSource everyday and I feel better than ever. I don’t think I could ever go another day without using LifeSource! Thank you so much!!!”

Keith Griffiths, Sedona

I first met Lee at his jewelery store in Arizona and ended up doing several business transactions and having numerous friendly meetings with him before he introduced me to LifeSource. 1st off what struck me about this guy was how fair and generous he is in business and as a human being. Being a very active 50 years old who has put his body through a lot over the years (working construction, racing dirt bikes, competing at a national level racing jet skis and riding mountain bikes for over 25 years) with lots of cuts, scrapes, breaks and bruises along the way, I have to say I was very very skeptical about using a pendant or oil to make me feel more balanced, have less aches and more energy, but here’s the ‘weird thing’ – this products do just that. 15 months ago I opted to have shoulder surgery (subacromial decompression) due to numerous injuries sustained over the years and having to deal with a healthy dose of pain. After several months of rehab, having a shoulder that felt and worked better, but none the less, still painful especially when mountain biking, I thought that’s just the way it’s going to be and that I would just have to suck it up, anyway after a few days of wearing a 400 series pendant I noticed that the pain had all gone, I also notice that I generally feel more centered and have good energy and strength when working out and exercising.

Sean Cooke, Cooke’s Computer Service, Sedona, AZ

​”Having worked with computers for many years and currently owning a pc service and repair company, I am well aware of the “computer burnout” one can experience spending long periods of time at a pc; strained eyes, headaches, etc. I have seen various products that are supposed to block EM [electromagnetic] frequencies that are produced by electronic equipment, but have remained skeptical and never have seen anything easily portable, usually tabs you have to stick to mouse, monitor and such. When Lee, one of my clients, introduced me to his product, I was understandably skeptical. He demonstrated the item for me with muscle testing that was indeed impressive, but I remained skeptical. He offered to let me try and return it if no effect was felt, so I agreed. Wearing the pendant I noticed an immediate and profound difference in my reaction to the hours spent daily on pc’s. I experience much less fatigue and no headaches. I think every computer user should have one of these. An added bonus is the appearance as it is an attractive piece of neck-wear and suits me well.”

Clay Moore & Jean Capalbo, Sedona, AZ

“It’s subtle, I have an overall sense of well being, stronger, my afternoons are better and I have just as much energy in the afternoon as I did in the morning” “It is subtle; I definitely have more energy and sustainability. I don’t get as tired when I’m gardening, which I love!”


Carolyn Reynolds, New Age Author, Sedona, AZ

“I love my necklace. For the first few hours after I wore it I felt more aware. I wore it two weeks when I had proof positive of its healing power. I had left my wedding ring to be sized with Lee the day I got the necklace. My “arthritic” knuckles had increased my ring size to 7. When I went back to pick up my ring it didn’t fit. It was too large. My new ring size was 5.5. I couldn’t believe my eyes and neither could Lee at first. We both double checked the order and then I remembered. The necklace!”


Mother & Son, Sedona, AZ

​“I can not believe he is doing his homework and his grades are better!” “I’m really excited, I can actually concentrate better, I’m whizzing through my homework, my grades are better. I am telling all my friends to get one!” ​Charles R. Courtney PhD – Findings: Positive for noticeable effect on wearers.

“I had been experiencing extreme fatigue as the result of radiation [treatment]. I started wearing the amulet immediately, and in the following days I was aware of a distinct lessening of fatigue. In other words, it worked.”Dr. Valerie Olmsted, NY

“A pilot study was conducted with 12 professional MMA fighters, over three days. While not all study participants attended for all three days, the ones who did showed a noticeable improvement in recovery time for workouts when wearing the stones that had the frequency infused. Measurements included blood pressure, pulse, respiration, pulse oximetry and grip analysis. Satisfaction with life surveys were also done, with noted improvement in mood and overall attitude on the participants wearing the stone.”


Andrew Lemmert, Netherlands

“I wanted to tell you that I really enjoy the pendant and that I just ordered a level 2 version..! The pendant definitely makes me feel better and more vibrant like a child. My senses are sharper and my skin is more sensitive. I learn faster and memorize easier (I’m studying again so this helps alot). I recover more quickly from exercise (which includes catching the train) and sleep like a baby. I feel more positive and happier… I’m not sure if I ever want to take it off; i.e. not until the new one gets here. My appetite and metabolism went up big time in the first couple of days, then it settled down to some new balance. Undoubtedly, the pendant stimulates regeneration and growth, which are essential to life. This kind of technology really shows the progress mankind should be making. I can imagine the people of Atlantis and other ancients using this same kind of technology to better themselves and understand the Universe. Thank you! Keep up the good work!”


Gary Hunsicker, Sedona, AZ

“On December 8th, 2008 I was muscle tested by Lee with a pendant.  When I experienced a profound shift in my balance and strength, I just stared at the pendant wondering how a hematite stone could cause that to happen. After a few hours of wearing the pendant for the first time I noticed some extremely subtle things.  One was how much clearer I was thinking!  Over the next few days of hardly taking the pendant off, I noticed how much better I was feeling, and I know that this may sound crazy but I was experiencing a huge improvement in my spelling of words!  What a trip!  Now, after having experience with the wearing of this technology for about a year and a half and experimenting with this technology in the garden, I am just so grateful for Lee and that he did that muscle test on me!  In the garden in the summer and fall of 2009 I grew a tomato plant, using this technology, that was so huge and had 100′s of tomatoes on it that many of my friends thought it was a tree! Amazing technology!”

Max Harvey, London UK,

"This Cross ~ Dimensional, Unified and Quantum Creation by Lee Arison Vaintrub and Drunvalo Melchizedek,

Feels to me personally ~ on all levels ~ to be a Material Manifestation of ‘Cosmic Grace’.

Upon first learning of this phenomenal organic ‘technology’ ~ From Drunvalo Melchizedek and Daniel Mitel’s video interview in late 2016, i felt without doubt that I wanted to try it . The purity of and Integrity of Intention that the technology has been created with is scarce ~ with regards to ‘physical’/Energetic tools for supporting Higher Awareness and Wholistic Human Potential ( All Areas).

The first time I applied the oil, one evening, to my forehead and wrists, upon sleeping, my internal Imagery that night was of a clarity and vividness that was unique.The next day, I found that my internal Dreaming/Thoughts ( which were clearly Unified and from the heart space) were Materialising within moments. It was Unquestionable. That day, my work colleague at our production company remarked that he loved how I was managing my project and how I was dealing with our email enquiries ~ with a repeatedly surprised tone, due to the boost in my work efficiency, speed and calm. I felt truly Amazing. I have used the oil for every physical ailment that I have experienced since then, and it has been quite miraculous in maximising my bodies innate ability to heal.

I’ve had pain in certain joints Vanish upon application of 1roll/drop.~ The oil clearly totally re-aligns and rebalances all systems.

I relax after exercise, knowing that recovery is fast and efficient. In Meditation it has been exceptional. I have been able to enter a deep state of peace and sustain this for really as long as I may wish. It has been quite Amazing with The Unity breath and Tiny Space of the Heart Meditation.

I gave a bottle of the oil to my parents – whom are both in their late 60’s and have experienced big health challenges. Every time I go for dinner now- I go straight to the cupboard and hand them the oil. I see ether eyes become brighter, and both of their moods elevate within a few moments ( every time!) and we have had the most Amazing times together in this situation- as their energy levels go straight up and into balance. It is as if 10 years of bodily wear and tear is wiped away!" 


“I have noticed after wearing this stone I don’t get tired throughout the day, I won’t leave home without it now.”  –  Amie Schold, NY


“I have had a bad back for a long time, I noticed after wearing the stone it has made me stronger, and my back feels way better.”  –  Bill Gerber,NY


“I have MS and I noticed wearing the stone has given me more energy and balance.”  –  Phil Brooks, NY

“I love to snowboard. When I wear the stone, I have way more energy, balance, and stamina.”  –  Lance Eskue, NY

“These stones are amazing!  I like to hike and bike and I noticed I have way more energy and endurance.”  –  Pietro Loparco, NY

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