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Flower of the Heart Harmony Card

In our modern world today we are constantly surrounded by high frequency ElectroMagnetic Fields from electronic devices as well as 4G & 5G networks. These EMFs harm your body’s cells and leave you wondering if there is anything you can do to protect yourself. 

Flower of the Heart “Harmony Cards” restore the harmonic structure of the water molecules in your body and bring your body back into balance. Our cards are small and easy to carry with you so you can enjoy life the way Mother nature intended you to.

Humicin Premium Quality & Purity Humic & Fulvic Acid Supplement.

HUMIC ACID is a wonderful gift of nature. It is on the right track to become the healing miracle of the 21st century.

Humic substances are produced over thousand years of the decomposition process of plant biomass during plant humification. The family of humic substances includes the biologically active and highly valuable humic and fulvic acids which contain at least 70 types of minerals that can be absorbed in biologically usable forms. These organic macromolecules with long molecule chains and unique properties can be obtained from the peat formed from the homogenous Carboniferous vegetation.

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