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This Channel is dedicated to exploration of full human potential through a greater understanding and exploration of consciousness itself, of Ancient civilisations, unified physics, the human lightbody, also known as the Merkaba, traditional chinese and Tibetan medicine,


Heart coherence, Heart Intelligence and wisdom, our indigenous brothers and sisters ancient infinite wisdom and practices, modern scientific approaches and advances in relation to human potential and consciousness, our plant alli consciousness facilitators,

and much more related content


 ~ All through discussion with the most amazing thought, 'awareness' Leaders and Human Potential explorers of this phenomenal crux time in our human evolutionary Experience ~ for the Inner-Lightenment of All :)

Taoist Master Healer ~ Truth Calkins ~

~Carl Rodrigues~

 Tech Entrepreneur,  Executive & Career coach

~Tristan Gutner~ Luminary Success Coach 

~Gavin Andrews~

 Director of HeartMath UK & Ireland.

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