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Max Harvey.

Offering 1 to 1, and Group coaching sessions of up to 10 per group.

Hi, my name is Max.  I am a certified HeartMath coach. I took my training in 2016.


l have been practicing  these extremely effective techniques, for the past 5 years ~ out of personal interest, in general Human Potential exploration,  and also to be able to pass them on to others for bringing and creating 'Coherence' and as a result- 'Homeostasis' -to the body and being - within minutes. This is possible ( and uniquely effective) in situations and environments of high external pressure and performance, but equally in any situation, as 'coherence' and it's result of 'Homeostasis', is the optimal state for all biological organisms.

It can also be said, in terms of 'physics', that when in a state of 'balance'/'coherence',

a Human being has conscious access to 'infinite' local and non local information.


HeartMathⓒ techniques enable biological 'coherence' faster and more completely than any other techniques known - realised by the  imaging and testing that the HeartMath institute have carried out for over 20 years using rigorous scientific studies and state of the art measuring equipment.


Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or to book a private session and/or a group seminar for your Team.



A Description of my service/what I offer as a coach:

I will take you through the science of the Heart, including detailed information about the Electromagnetic fields of the human heart, and scientific studies by the Heartmath institute showing exactly how and why Heart Coherence has such dramatically positive results within every system of our bodies.  * Applying these simple short meditations daily has proven to improve many areas of peoples lives including Creativity, family , friendships and work relationships, stress reduction, general empowerment from within, trauma repair and healing, and more *.

The science, papers testing and clinical results are amazing- and there really is as much or as little as you would like to learn in this regard. The techniques are what really matter, however our analytical left hemisphere is quite rightly, often hungry for data, and the HeartMath data is phenomenal. 

We will use the HeartMath Inner Balance BioFeedback sensor to show real time effects and results pre, during and after practicing the simple techniques. If you have not had a go with the Inner Balance tool, you're left/analytical mind is in for a treat 


You will receive print-out's of each step of each technique,  and of the results of your Inner Balance Biofeedback session, as well as 3 x once weekly follow up calls to check in on your progress and cover er any questions or queries /sharings about your experimentation with the techniques.



With Heart

Max Harvey.

More about Me:

I have always gravitated towards exploring our Human consciousness - keeping curiously connected with and maintaining relationship with our innate ability to 'Dream', to feel, see and sense what arises from inside our selves - from our 'Dream field' or the 'subconscious'.

Art/painting/drawing, meditation, surfing ( Nature) and outdoor pursuits, natural medicine, foraging, 're-wilding', grid work at sacred sites, are things I love to do in the waking hours.


During a Health challenge at the age of 22- a 'mystery virus', I did not speak a word or move at all for 3 months. This experience continued, as I had become used to the Universe inside. That source of  infinite space inside  which has been experienced and passed on orally /experientially for eons in Indigenous Ceremony, and in Lineages such as that of the oldest Kabbalist Lineage of 'Dreamers' and 'Imagery Practitioners' - and in magical rare cases, in ancient txt's such as the Upanishads & the little known  accompanying book of the Tora- 'the Secret Chamber of the Heart'.


This is - as modern unified physics is also now proving - the only true physical location of 'singularity' /non polarity within this universe. The source of this 'infinite expanse' lies within the physical organ of the Human Heart.

From that personally life changing experience onwards, I have been consciously exploring Human consciousness and human potential ~ always coming back to  the Heart. 

I learnt and practiced TM -Transcendental Meditation from 2010- visiting the technique when feeling it will be helpful. 

In 2011 I 'aligned', studied and practiced ( and continue to do so to this day ) with a modern day Heart centred and focussed  'Mystery School'. The work and connections of which I treasure in my heart forever

and which has been a main 'point of expansion' in this lifetime.

What Infinite Cosmic Grace ~ Being alive here and now on this Amazing planet with a phenomenal human family- every One of us equally essential to our current global consciousness expansion.

In coherence from the Heart Space, 


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