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​FLOWER OF SUNLIGHT is a New Way of Perceiving Reality

​"This Quantum discovery will eventually be found to be essential to ​every single human endeavor,
including our ability to move in​ space, time, dimension, and relative size as we explore the universe."
​- Drunvalo Melchizedek

We have learned to take the absolute essence of our Sun, not just its sunlight, but all that our Sun is (in science it is called “waveform”), and Quantum Infuse this 'Sun' waveform with about 100,000 volts of electricity inside of certain organic essence oils, specific natural crystals, and certain minerals.  Once your body touches these substances, instantaneously this essence of our Sun reaches every part of your body and, if you are wearing a particular iron pendant, it will extend into the bio-magnetic energy field around your body in the shape of a torus about sixty feet in diameter.

We find it interesting that non-meditators, when they touch one of these substances, most will not feel anything, though almost everyone’s body has been dramatically changed (see Technology).  Yet almost all meditators who are aware of their inner space as well as their outer space of the universe, do feel this instantaneous transformation.  I am convinced that no matter what your form or formlessness of your meditation is, these natural products will give you clarity and focus to go deeper into your meditation, and  further, it will give you energy and endurance to withstand long meditations.

We have not found a single Chinese Chi Gong master who needs these products!  By their meditation, they are already infused by our Sun’s waveform and use the energy of the Sun as Chi or “life force energy” within their bodies.  Like Chi Gong, this is also the ultimate purpose of our business:  to find a way to reach this consciousness state that these Quantum Infused natural products give us, without their presence on our bodies.  In other words, just do it.  Learn the waveform!


Okay, what is a waveform?  This word was made up in the early 1990’s to explain a way of perceiving Reality (a theory) where everything that exists has a specific waveform pattern, and if this energy pattern were duplicated, the waveform would recreate an identical original source.  If you were looking at a glass of water on a table, and if you could duplicate its electro-magnetic waveform, you would instantaneously have another glass of water, with the exact same number of atoms of water and of the glass.  It would be literally identical.  And in nature and in our body, this is important; it would be accepted as real and natural, not synthetic.  

​A waveform is also similar to a Sine (Co-sine) wave signature in math, except it is vastly more complex.
 The basic shape of the Sine wave signature’s frequency and amplitude would be upheld, but it would change from 2 dimensions to 3 and on this new level the shape of the waveform would be constantly changing, and, like a 3D mountain range, instead of a simple 2D curving line, we would see huge rocks, trees, canyons, etc., changing its surface on a microscopic level.

And on top of this kind of ridiculous complexity, the electro-magnetic waveform itself, in order to be digitally recreated, has to be within one millionth of one cycle of accuracy.  That is what the math shows, and it turns out to be true.  It has to be perfect or at least very near perfect. If it is not perfect, then you have created something else or nothing, but not what one is trying to duplicate. This science was impossible until computers became fast enough. Custom computers reached this in about 1995, as I understand it.



Lee (L), a Russian-American diamond/crystal expert, my business partner and the inventor of this method of Quantum Infusing matter, has found a way that the human body seems to naturally connect to, with incredible positive effects and yet with no or minor negative side effects, but after all, our Sun is the source of this waveform and also the source of all life on Earth!  This waveform of the Sun is what we believe we have put into each Quantum Infused product we offer.

​It’s kind of like sunlight in a bottle!

I’m Drunvalo Melchizedek (R), and I also have been studying Quantum Physics, and Tesla’s math for about 45 years, and recognized immediately the power that Lee had discovered.  I believe that Lee has discovered something about Quantum physics that no one has ever seen before, not even Tesla.

I also believe this Quantum discovery will eventually be found to be essential to every single human endeavor, including our ability to move in space, time, dimension, and relative size as we explore the universe.  And from my direct experience in meditation and Mer-Ka-Ba science, Lee’s discovery will equally assist those who are exploring the universe from within their meditation, and could even assist someone to the point of Self-Realization.

From my heart,
Drunvalo Melchizedek

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