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Your Source Of The Finest Subtle ( Powerful ) Energy Tools & Nutritive Substances Available ~ To Aid our collective journey back to 'seeing' the external reality from the boundless wisdom and co-creative 'feeling based genius' of our Heart's - as Together We Move Through & Ride The long foreknown & 'seen' Great Shift In our collective Human Consciousness.

About Me:

I have always gravitated towards exploring our Human consciousness - keeping curiously connected with and maintaining relationship with our innate ability to 'Dream', to feel, see and sense what arises from inside our selves - from our 'Dream field' or the 'subconscious'.

Art/painting/drawing, meditation, surfing ( Nature) and outdoor pursuits, natural medicine, foraging, 're-wilding', grid work at sacred sites, are things I love to do in the waking hours.


During a Health challenge at the age of 22- a 'mystery virus', I did not speak a word or move at all for 3 months. This experience continued, as I had become used to the Universe inside. That source of  infinite space inside  which has been experienced and passed on orally /experientially for eons in Indigenous Ceremony, and in Lineages such as that of the oldest Kabbalist Lineage of 'Dreamers' and 'Imagery Practitioners' - and in magical rare cases, in ancient txt's such as the Upanishads & the little known  accompanying book of the Tora- 'the Secret Chamber of the Heart'.


This is - as modern unified physics is also now proving - the only true physical location of 'singularity' /non polarity within this universe. The source of this 'infinite expanse' lies within the physical organ of the Human Heart.

From that personally life changing experience onwards, I have been consciously exploring Human consciousness and human potential ~ always coming back to  the Heart. 

I learnt and practiced TM -Transcendental Meditation from 2010- visiting the technique when feeling it will be helpful. 

In 2011 I 'aligned', studied and practiced ( and continue to do so to this day ) with a modern day Heart centred and focussed  'Mystery School'. The work and connections of which I treasure in my heart forever

and which has been a main 'point of expansion' in this lifetime.

What Infinite Cosmic Grace ~ Being alive here and now on this Amazing planet with a phenomenal human family- every One of us equally essential to our current global consciousness expansion.

In coherence from the Heart Space, 


       In Lak Ech ( i am another You)


Ala K'in ( You are another Me )

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