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OmniQard EMF harmonization technology.

Natural harmonising tools to support you're biology, your biofield, your Life.

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Premium Purity Fulvic & Humic Acids.


The 'Harmony Card'.  Environmental & Cellular cohereing  & Harmonising technology from Flower of the Heart.


The finest, select subtle energy tools & nutritive substances/supplements available 
to aid our exploration of our full human potential, as together we ride the long foreseen Great Shift in our Human Awareness

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Red blood cells. The 'Roulet' effect often the result of prolonged wifi exposure and related dehydration, and on the right, blood cells in coherence and healthy homeostasis. A paralleled result is experienced when within the coherent  field created by the Harmony Card


 Supporting meditation practice.


Human created 'biologically dissonant' electromagnetic fields are now present in all human inhabited cities.

the Flower of the Heart Harmony card Harmonizes these fields and also brings back the perfect geometric structure of the interstitial fluid throughout any living organism within the perfectly coherent field created by this phenomenal technology.

Coherence is the Key and homeostasis

( balance) is the result.

Scaling the Rocks

Both products support exploration of our full human potential.

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Further information on the Flower of the Heart Harmony Card

" At Flower of the Heart, we know you want to live a healthy life and be present in every moment.

To do that, you need your body in perfect balance and harmony.

The problem is the increase in electromagnetic fields like 4G & 5G networks around us that harm your body’s cells, leave you feeling less than your best and wondering if there is anything you can do to protect yourself.  We believe you should be able to enjoy life the way Mother Nature intendedwithout worrying about the impact invisible magnetic fields have on your body’s balance.

Flower of the Heart “Harmony Cards” are patented to restore the harmonic structure of the water molecules in your body. We then infuse every card for 72 hours within the Golden Sphere in our external Heart Merkaba’s Quantum energy field so you receive the highest quality,  rigorously tested and verified EMF protection on the planet.

 All of this packed in an easy to carry card that can go with you wherever life leads you. "

Home: Homepage_about
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